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  • ACL Surgery and Biologics

    Welcome to another "Sports Doc Talk" episode with your hosts, Will Sanchez and renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Grant Garcia. In this episode, we dive into ACL injuries, surgeries, and biologics. We discuss cutting-edge treatments for ACL injuries, including the concepts of the "fertilized ACL," tightrope fixation, Bridge enhanced ACL repair (BEAR), Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, and Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC.) The back-and-forth banter is a bonus or possible distraction. As athletes increasingly seek faster and more effective recovery methods, these biologically enhanced techniques are at the forefront of sports medicine, promising to transform the healing process. Dr. Garcia breaks down the science and application of PRP and BMAC therapies. He explains how PRP, rich in growth factors, can accelerate healing and reduce inflammation when injected into injured tissues. Similarly, BMAC, concentrated with stem cells and regenerative cells harvested from the patient's bone marrow, offers significant potential for repairing joint, tendon, and ligament injuries. Will and Dr. Garcia also discuss the innovative BEAR implant and other scaffold technologies that create a bioactive environment for ACL regeneration. Tune in to learn how these advanced treatments pave the way for more natural and effective recovery paths for athletes at all levels. Don't miss this episode of "Sports Doc Talk" to explore how cutting-edge biological augmentation techniques are revolutionizing ACL repair and recovery. Whether you're an athlete, a coach, a patient, or someone interested in the latest medical advancements. As a bonus, see how Dr. Garcia tries his best not to let the sun distract him as he speaks. As always, thank you for watching on YouTube and listening to the show on your favorite listening platform. Read more

  • Surgical Nutrition: Amino Acids and Peptides with Dr. Jazayeri.

    In this episode, hosts Will Sanchez and Dr. Grant Garcia are joined by special guest Dr. Reza Jazayeri, orthopedic surgeon and Founder of, for an enlightening discussion on the revolutionary impact of amino acids in pre and post-surgery care. One of our favorite quotes from Dr. Jazayeri is: "If you're going to do something that is going to work, it has to be simplified." His groundbreaking research on amino acids has yielded remarkable results for his patients, reflecting a significant synergy between his expertise and the science. The immensely positive outcomes observed in patients underscore the efficacy of his approach and highlight the transformative impact of amino acid supplementation in surgical recovery. Pre-habilitation Pro Tips: Dr. Jazayeri shares insights on how he pre-habilitates all his ACL surgery patients, emphasizing the importance of nutritional assessment and implementing strategies like blood flow restriction exercises to optimize muscle strength before surgery. Amino Acids: The Game Changer: Discover how pre-operative amino acid infusion can mitigate nutrient drop post-surgery, allowing for quicker recovery. The hosts break down a simplified three-week amino acid supplementation plan, starting one week before surgery and continuing for three weeks after. Future of Surgeries: Get a glimpse into the future of surgical procedures, where immediate weight-bearing after surgery could become the new norm, promoting faster and safer recovery. Learn about the potential of starting amino acid supplementation at the time of injury and seamlessly integrating it into the rehab process. Innovative Strategies: Explore intraoperative amino acid supplementation and the use of BFR (blood flow restriction) both pre and post-operation. Dr. Jazayeri discusses the role of peptides in later-stage recovery, offering insights into optimizing outcomes. Tune in to Sports Doc Talk for an insightful discussion on how amino acids are reshaping the landscape of surgical recovery and what the future holds for orthopedic care. Can't watch? Check us out on your favorite listening podcast platforms. Read more

  • Revolutionizing Spinal Surgery: Endoscopic Techniques & Disc Replacement with Dr. Andre Shaffer

    In this episode, Dr. Andre Shaffer shares his journey and the inspirations that led him to become a renowned orthopedic surgeon. Will Sanchez and Dr. Grant Garcia delve into the transformative world of spine surgery with Dr. Shaffer, an esteemed orthopedic surgeon and spine specialist. He brings his expertise in endoscopic spine surgery to the forefront, discussing innovative procedures such as transforaminal and interlaminar discectomy, medial branch transection, and the intricate relationship between the hip and spine for arthroplasty. The conversation takes an exciting turn as we explore the realm of disc replacement, focusing on cutting-edge technologies like Mobi C, ProDisc L, and the highly anticipated 3 Spine MOTUS. Drawing from recent advancements and insights from the field, we examine why patients increasingly opt for disc replacement over fusion surgery, particularly in light of re-operation rates and the long-term benefits associated with this alternative. However, despite the evident advantages of disc replacement, Dr. Shaffer acknowledges the challenges posed by insurance barriers and misconceptions surrounding the procedure. Addressing concerns about cost-effectiveness and long-term outcomes, he emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision-making and advocating for patient-centric care. Moving beyond traditional perceptions of back surgery, Dr. Shaffer provides insights into the necessity of cervical surgeries and the prevalence of conditions like piriformis pain and arthritis. Exploring the intricate anatomy of the spine and intervertebral discs, he highlights the importance of tailored approaches to treatment and the ongoing quest for innovative solutions in spinal care. Throughout the episode, Dr. Shaffer's passion for advancing spinal surgery and improving patient outcomes shines through, offering listeners a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of spine care and the promising future of endoscopic techniques and disc replacement. For more information, transcripts, and past shows check us out at ⁠⁠ Read more

  • New Tech Roadblocks - Challenges of being on the cutting edge

    The 2024 baseball season is in full swing, but the hit-and-miss that occurs between medical technology, hospitals, and healthcare often at times leaves patients with a subpar experience. In this episode, we embark on a journey through this dynamic terrain, where cutting-edge innovations intersect with the complexities of insurance coverage. From revolutionary surgical procedures to the hurdles faced by insurance companies, we delve into the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of healthcare. As we navigate this complex landscape, we explore the delicate balance between costs, innovation, and patient care. With a spotlight on the role of AI in shaping the future of healthcare, we unravel the potential it holds to revolutionize patient outcomes and streamline medical processes. Thank you to our dedicated followers for their support and invite them to join us on for further information regarding previous shows and content. We want to hear from you. Read more

  • Tech Trends Unveiled A Year in Review and Future Horizons

    As we wrap up, a heartfelt thank you to our audience and everyone who contributed to making Sports Doc Talk a great experience. Exciting times await, with upcoming episodes promising even more insight and engagement. Stay tuned, and let's continue this remarkable journey together!" Welcome to this special anniversary episode of Sports Doc Talk! As we fondly look back on the remarkable journey of 2023, we're eagerly stepping into 2024 with a promise of even more exciting content. Responding to your requests, today marks the launch of our dual-format podcast, seamlessly combining traditional and video platforms, as we strive to elevate the Sports Doc Talk experience to new heights. In this episode, we had a blast reflecting on memorable topics and hosting amazing guests. We delved into cutting-edge medical technologies, such as the groundbreaking MISHA implant, innovative OssioFiber Anchors, the latest advancements in ACL repair with the BEAR implant, and more. As we wrap up, a sincere thank you to our dedicated audience and everyone who contributed to making Sports Doc Talk an exceptional experience. Anticipate thrilling episodes ahead, promising deeper insights and increased engagement. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey together! Read more

  • SDT Blast Bishai and Acevedo How it started

    SDT Blast Bishai and Acevedo How it started SDT Blast Bishai and Acevedo How it started Read more

  • SDT Blast Bishai & Acevedo Cutting Edge

    SDT Blast Bishai & Acevedo Cutting Edge SDT Blast Bishai & Acevedo Cutting Edge Read more

  • SDT Dr Shariff and Acevedo

    Welcome to Sports Doc Talk Podcast. In this episode, William Sanchez and Dr. Grant Garcia feature two exceptional guests who not only excel as top shoulder surgeons but also bring their captivating charm to the airwaves. @skbishai and @aceshoulderelbowmd hosts of "@imapodstarnotadoctor," join us to share their insights. One of our many conversations delves into the crucial doctor-patient relationship, emphasizing mutual respect and the importance of building strong connections with patients. Dr. Bishai and Dr. Acevedo stress continuous learning, training, and peak performance in the medical field, echoing Dr. Acevedo's mantra, "You got to stay ready to be ready." On their podcast, they are better known as the American Pharoah and Cuff Daddy, bringing a distinct blend of entertainment with eclectic guests and fun banter. A must listen to. This episode takes you on a rollercoaster of education and entertainment; from their experiences in the medical field to behind-the-scenes fun. Whether you're a medical professional, an avid podcast listener, or simply curious about Sports Doc Talk, this episode promises a blast of insights and entertainment. Visit for exclusive content, transcripts, and opportunities to be part of the show. Also, check us out on your favorite listening platform. Thank you for being a valued member of our community, and happy listening! Read more

  • SDT Blast Napkin to Reality Easy Whip

    SDT Blast Napkin to Reality Easy Whip SDT Blast Napkin to Reality Easy Whip Read more

  • SDT Blast Easy Whip & Innovations

    SDT Blast Easy Whip & Innovations SDT Blast Easy Whip & Innovations Read more

  • SDT Lia Winters Guest Easy Whip

    Hosts William Sanchez and Dr. Grant Garcia chat with Lia Winters, co-founder of Winter Innovations, focusing on entrepreneurship and the journey from napkin idea to reality.We discuss Lia’s creation of EasyWhip, an innovative suture inspired by Lia's mother's initial unsuccessful ACL surgery. EasyWhip allows surgeons to switch between a whip stitch and a locking stitch on the fly. We dive into Lia’s background in biomedical engineering along with the challenges of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of hard work and perseverance (you won't want to miss how Lia caught Dr. Garcia's attention with her incredible story.) Lia's story serves as an inspiring testament to the impact of innovative thinking in sports medicine, showing aspiring entrepreneurs that bold visions can become transformative realities. We have a little fun with her Tennessee roots through conversations about Peyton Manning, banana pudding, and Dolly Parton. What, how, and why you ask? Well, you’ll just have to listen to this new episode of Sports Doc Talk Podcast. As we approach the holiday season, we extend our warmest wishes to all our listeners. And if you're eager for more insights, and transcripts, or aspire to be a part of the show, head over to Thank you for being a part of our community, and happy listening on your favorite podcast platforms.Read more

  • Deshaun Watson Injury: Glenoid Fracture Surgery

    Hot off the press! Deshaun's Watson's out for the season with a unique injury called a glenoid fracture. Check out my brand new podcast on this injury at Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez. Learn about the injury and what this means for his future in football. Follow us at Also check out my website to learn more and see how they may fix this injury using a unique combo of arthroscopic techniques. Glenoid Fracture Repair: In this edition of Sports Doc Talk Podcast, host William Sanchez and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Grant Garcia discuss the recent shoulder injury faced by Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. Deshaun is now dealing with a challenging glenoid fracture, and Dr. Garcia provides insights into the intricacies of the repair process. The episode delves into Deshaun's healing journey, potential complications, and the potential long-term implications of this uncommon fracture. The discussion covers a spectrum of medical procedures, recovery timelines, and rehabilitation strategies, and shines a spotlight on the profound impact such an injury could have on a professional athlete's career—particularly emphasizing the nuanced challenges it presents to a quarterback's throwing capabilities. Would you like a transcript of the show, want to be a guest, or have a topic or question you want to hear more about? Follow us and subscribe at We want to hear from you.Read more

  • SDT Grass vs Turf, Helmet Technology

    Check out my newest podcast with Will Sanchez on @sportsdoctalkpodcast. We talk about Grass vs Turf fields and the injury risk, heads up displays in helmets and surgery and much more. Don't miss this fun episode. Follow us at to stay update on our latest podcasts. Read more

  • SDT Blast 5G & Heads Up Display

    Heads up displays, 5G technology, all this technology is coming to the highest level of football. Check out the short segment below, from my recent podcast on @sportsdoctalkpodcast with William Sanchez where we go in depth on the future of these cutting-edge helmets. Also learn how I currently use this technology in orthopedic surgery and what the future holds for virtual reality and heads up displays in the operating room to make our procedures more accurate and efficient and improve outcomes. Listen to the whole episode below or follow us on our website at more

  • SDT HiDef Guest Zach Smith

    Hot off the press, check out my newest podcast Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez. We had special guest W. Zach Smith, PT, DPT talking about how HIDEF Physical Therapy stays at the top of its game and what they offer in terms of cutting edge technology. You don't want to miss this one. Follow us on any platform of your choosing or check out our website On this episode of Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez and Dr. Grant Garcia. Our guest is a Physical Therapist and co-owner of HIDEF Physical Therapy W. Zach Smith, PT, DPT. He discusses how HIDEF Physical Therapy is embracing innovative techniques and technologies. Their dedication to education and staying current ensures that patients receive the highest level of care, and their unique procedures and integration of technology contribute to a more effective and engaging rehabilitation process. HIDEF's approach exemplifies the future of physical therapy, with a focus on personalization, innovation, and patient-centered care. We discussed Blood Flow Restriction, Dynamometry, Virtual Reality, and utilizing apps such as TheraCentric, an app that will guide patients through exercises, count reps, and times rest periods. It's like having a personal coach in your pocket. Be sure to check out Zach’s Instagram page and HIDEF’s website at Would you like a transcript of the show, want to be a guest, or have a topic or question you want to hear more about? Check us out at We want to hear from you.Read more

  • SDT Highlight Episode Nick Chubb & Aaron Rodgers

    Nick Chubb suffers a debilitating injury & and can Aaron Rodgers return to play this season? Football is a sport that so many people love. It is a unique sport that showcases the best athletes in the world. They exhibit speed, strength, and athleticism on the highest level, but the game at many times is unforgiving. Week in and week out players get hurt. Some player's injuries are not as severe, and others can be possibly career-ending. This past week we saw many stars getting hurt. Including one of the best running backs in the NFL.Read more

  • SDT Blast NFL & Biotech

    National Football League (NFL) is in full swing and we have already seen recent media on the tech being used in the NFL to get ahead. Check out another quick segment from my recent podcast at Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez where we talk about biotech in the NFL. Diet, hydration and nutrition all matter in recovery and athletics. To stay ahead players and teams will do whatever it takes to optimize results. Follow our show on our website at or your favorite podcast app.Read more

  • SDT Blast NFL & Tech

    NFL and tech is not a new topic. In the National Football League (NFL), everyone is looking for an edge to get back faster and prevent injury. We have seen it just this week with the recent Aaron Rodgers surgery and the use of new and innovative techniques. We recently had a full episode exploring injuries, concussions and NFL tech. Listen to this recent segment below and subscribe to our full podcast Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez to learn more.Read more

  • SDT: Kickoff 2023, NFL Tech, Concussions

    TWe are back with another great podcast with Will Sanchez! We dive in recent football injuries and some really interesting data on kick offs and concussions as well as risk of injury with an additional game 17. Football season kicks off, and with that, Dr. Grant Garcia and William Sanchez begin the show with a discussion about the NCAA's research on the kickoff rule change and its impact on concussion rates in collegiate football. Despite the expectation that this rule change would reduce concussions during kickoff plays, the data suggests otherwise. We explore the many reasons behind this unexpected outcome and its implications for player safety in the sport.Read more

  • SDT Blast WW Thumb Arthritis

    Thumb arthritis can be a chronic and frustrating problem. In older patients, there are many time tested treatments. In patients that are young newer more innovative approaches are needed. Expert hand surgeon, Dr. Wayne Weil describes these treatments on our recent episode of Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez.Read more

  • SDT Blast WW Rebless For Hand and Elbow

    Rehab is a just as important as our surgical procedures. Without good rehabilitation our surgical outcomes will suffer. I have been fortunate to work with rebless™ Rehab to help my athletes regain strength and motion after complex knee surgeries.Read more

  • SDT Blast: WW Thumb UCL

    Thumb UCL surgery has evolved to with more innovative techniques. We have seen numerous athletes suffer this injury and make quick recoveries with the help of our new technology. The Arthrex internal brace system has been a game-changer for this surgery and it performed frequently by Dr. Wayne Weil. Check out this short segment from Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez featuring top Seattle hand surgeon Dr. Wayne Weil as he describes this injury and surgery.Read more

  • SDT Guest Dr Wayne Weil OSS

    Dr. Wayne Weil is an exceptional individual who juggles multiple roles as a father, athlete, and surgeon. He has garnered recognition as one of the leading orthopedic surgeons specializing in hand and elbow surgery. In an insightful episode of Sports Doc Talk Podcast, Dr. Grant Garcia and William Sanchez delve into multiple topics including "skiers' thumb" injury, exploring various treatment options, including the implementation of internal bracing techniques.Read more

  • SDT Guest Dr David Smith Q Collar

    In this podcast episode of Sports Doc Talk, Dr. Grant Garcia and William Sanchez interview David Smith MD, the inventor of the Q-Collar. The Q-Collar is designed to mitigate the absorption of SLOSH (sloshing) energy by the soft tissues of the brain, thereby reducing the risk of brain damage from traumatic events. It is the first device authorized by the FDA for this purpose.Read more

  • SDT Blast DS Q Collar & NFL

    Sports Doc Talk Podcast Special Guest: Dr. David Smith:Q Collar and Its impact on The NFL By Wll Sanchez & Dr. Grant Garcia.Read more

  • SDT Blast Dr Smith Q Collar Explanation

    Concussions and traumatic brain injuries are a concern when you take care of athletes in a high contact sport. William Sanchez and I had the pleasure of interviewing @DavidwsmithMD who is the inventor of the Q collar which reduces the impact of head injuries and has been gaining popularity since its recent FDA approval.Read more

  • SDT Guest Dr. Anthony Yi OSS

    In this podcast episode, William Sanchez and Dr. Grant Garcia interview foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Anthony Yi. The discussion focuses on getting patients back on their feet as soon as possible after foot and ankle injuries.Read more

  • SDT Blast Dr. Anthony Yi Ankle Fractures

    Ankle fractures are a common injury we see as orthopedic surgeons. At Sports Doc Talk Podcast we continue to focus on game changing technology to get patients back faster with better outcomes. The new fibular nail by Arthrex is pushing the envelope with faster weight-bearing, smaller incision and improved stability. We had the honor of interview top foot and ankle specialist Anthony Yi last week.Read more

  • SDT Blast Dr Anthony Yi Ankle Sprains

    Ankle sprains are incredibly common. Any doctor that takes care of an athletic population has seen this injury. There are so many different sprains and sometimes patients can develop chronic ankle instability. @Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez we had the pleasure of having Dr. Anthony Yi, an expert foot and ankle surgeon, on our show to talk about foot and ankle injuries.Read more

  • SDT Highlight: Aging Athlete & Regenerative Medicine

    As a sports surgeon, I treat athletes at all levels. My goal is to continue to look for advancements in sports medicine that allows my patients to have a faster return to sport and improved outcomes. Regenerative medicine is a hot topic in the fight against disease, injury and aging.Read more

  • SDT Highlight: Aging Athletes & Fitness Changes

    As a sports surgeon, I take care of athletes at all levels. As we age, my goal as sport orthopedic surgeon is to keep my active patient population doing the activities they love. When injuries occur, I am looking at the most cutting edge technology to improve outcomes and get my aging athletes back faster. Recently I published a new podcast episode about this on Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez. At OSS Seattle we are committed to offering the latest in technology to help our athletes overcoming injury both operatively and non operatively.Read more

  • SDT The New Aging Athlete

    This episode of Sports Doc Talk focuses on the competitive aging athlete. We want to especially thank one of our loyal listeners for requesting this episode and we want to remind everyone to check out for podcast links, transcripts, comments, show requests, and much more.Read more

  • SDT Highlight: MLB New Rules and Injury Risk

    Highlight from our recent show reviewing the new MLB pitching rule and its potential impact on future orthopedics sports injuries. Subscribe or follow us to hear more.

  • SDT Highlight: New Pitch Timer Rule

    Highlight from our recent show reviewing the new MLB pitch timer. Subscribe or follow us to hear more.

  • SDT Opening Day, New Baseball Rules, Injury Risk

    In the latest episode of the Sports Doc Talk Podcast, Dr. Grant Garcia and William Sanchez dive into the excitement surrounding the new baseball season and the concerns surrounding injuries brought up by the new rules to speed up the game. We discuss the significant strain that throwing a baseball at high velocities repeatedly and frequently can put on a pitcher's body, particularly on the arm and shoulder. We explore some of the potential injuries that pitchers may experience, including shoulder injuries, elbow injuries, forearm injuries, and others... Read more

  • SDT Highlight: What is a cartilage transplant

    Check out this short highlight video podcast from our recent discussion of Lonzo Ball's cartilage transplant. This explanation goes through the recovery and what's involved with a cartilage transplant. In addition what we are looking for with return to sport.

  • SDT Lonzo Ball, Cartilage Transplants

    In this episode, we discuss the recent surgery that Lonzo Ball underwent, his third knee surgery in over a year. Dr. Grant Garcia explains cartilage transplant surgery and how it is a unique procedure that is not commonly performed on professional athletes. We also talk about the history of Lonzo Ball's knee injuries and how his meniscus tear led to the loss of cartilage in his knee. I ask Dr. Garcia if he has any Big Baller Brand gear in his wardrobe... Read more

  • SDT Thinking about Ortho Innov

    Check out this clip from Sports Doc Talk podcast. How do we think about orthopedic innovations and future inventions? Why do we innovate? This recent highlight summarize the thought process. Read more

  • SDT Napkin to Reality Summary

    Check out this clip for Sports Doc Talk podcast. This is a quick summary from Dr. Garcia on how a new orthopedic idea gets turned into an innovative surgical product. Read more

  • SDT Orthopedic Innovations

    How do orthopedic surgeons take a napkin idea into a full-blown product? In business, there are well-validated step processes to get this done. In this show, Dr. Grant Garcia discusses taking an idea through to full approval from the FDA: the BEAR Implant. We also discuss how innovation is manufactured and marketed, and the concerns surgeons and hospitals may have especially when they are hesitant to adopt new tech due to concerns about safety, effectiveness, and costs. We touch upon how using the 501(k) pathway is a faster and less expensive way to gain FDA approval for a new use of an existing device or implant. Read more

  • SDT Superbowl High Ankle Sprains

    Against all odds Patrick Mahomes (despite a bad high ankle sprain) managed to the lead the Kansas city chiefs to a big Super Bowl win. Two weeks of rest helped, but nothing really explains how he managed to overcome the clear pain and agony after reinjuring it at the end of the 2nd quarter for the win. Players like him are unique and its hard to fathom his ability and toughness. To learn about his injury and how William Sanchez and I faired with our predictions, check out this brief clip from our recent Super Bowl podcast @Sports Doc Talk Podcast. To listen to the whole podcast see link below and subscribe! Read more

  • SDT Superbowl Highlight Purdy and UCL

    UCL repair with internal brace got more press recently when Brock Purdy chose this surgery over full tommy john reconstruction of his elbow. This surgery is becoming more mainstream with similar biomechanical strength to full reconstruction. It’s an excellent option for throwers and non-throwers due to this faster recovery and similar success rates in those with the right injury pattern. @Will Sanchez and I recently discussed this in our new podcast @SportsDocTalkPodcast. This short segment below reviews this injury and what surgical options are available for our high-level athletes. To listen to the whole podcast see link below and subscribe! Read more

  • Superbowl, New Podcast, Brock Purdy UCL Surgery

    This football season is about to end, and there will only be one team to bring the elusive Lombardi trophy back to their city and fans. In this episode of Sports Doc Talk with Dr. Grant Garcia, we discuss key injuries that could affect both teams and their players. Before we look ahead, we look back to a key injury to quarterback Brock Purdy in the NFC championship game. Purdy will have an elbow repair using a technique we have discussed in previous shows called internal bracing. What’s the difference between an elbow repair versus Tommy John surgery? Read more

  • Internal Bracing, and how it's revolutionizing the healing process in Orthopedic surgeries.

    The Internal Brace has been a huge leap forward in treatment for how patients recover from surgeries and how it allows them to get back to normal activities in a fraction of the time it used to take from conventional surgeries. This technology has been applied to some of the greatest athletes in the world, such as Drew Brees and others. An example is the dislocated kneecap that Brooks Koepka suffered right before the 2021 Masters tournament. The 4-time major champion and former #1 golfer in the world had put in place an Internal Brace, and a week later was hitting and walking on the golf course able to compete at the Masters just 3 weeks after surgery. This technology is not only available to the best athletes in the world, but it’s also available to you. Read more

  • Common youth baseball injuries - UCL & Shoulder

    Little Johnny wants to become a pro baseball player, but it all starts with little league. Dr. Grant H. Garcia shares his expertise on baseball injuries beginning at the little league level and above. Dr. Garcia has authored over 70 publications in prominent peer-reviewed journals including the American Journal of Sports Medicine, the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, and the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. Dr. Garcia was named a Seattle Met Top Doctor in 2019 & 2020. Read more

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